In essence the grandmother’s insistence on obtaining her have selfish ends effects in the demise of her complete loved ones, as nicely as the loss of her own everyday living. This essay analyzes the story’s thematic concept in regards to selfishness, individualism and its outcome on the household as nicely as the greater group, as represented by The Misfit.

rn”A Fantastic Gentleman is Really hard to Find” Character Assessment: the Grandmother. O’Connor identifies the most important character – the grandmother – only by role, while all of the other character she supplies with names. Despite having no name the grandmother’s character reveals by itself early and profoundly she is obsessed with appearances, linked to a imprecise Southern previous, and worried with propriety and the worth of being a woman.

O’Connor describes her “navy blue straw sailor hat,” her “collars and cuffs [that] had been white organdy trimmed with lace” and “purple spray of fabric violets that contains a sachet” that the grandmother pins at her neckline to assure that “in situation of an incident, everyone looking at her dead on the freeway would know at after that she was a woman” (O’Connor 2). Behavior smart the grandmother is a selfish girl who intentionally manipulates her loved ones to accommodate her very own functions unapologetically and with impunity.

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She deliberately misinforms her son Bailey about her cat, Pitty Sing, which she smuggles into the motor vehicle underneath her “huge black valise that looked like the head of a hippopotamus,” even however Bailey has expressly forbid the cat to share the motel area with them (O’Connor 1). Pitty Sing later delivers about the deaths of the whole spouse and children adhering to the car accident and ensuing come upon with The Misfit. The grandmother’s pleasure and inflated perception of self importance, not to mention her failing memory, convey about the family’s downfall. On waking up from a nap in the automobile, the grandmother promises to recall a plantation house from her youth.

Even though she is aware of that her son Bailey “would not be inclined to reduce any time seeking at an outdated house…the much more she talked about it, the a lot more she wished to see it once once again and find out if the small twin arbors were continue to standing” (O’Connor five). Her son’s reluctance, in her thoughts, remains a easy impediment to triumph over in her wish to get items finished her way. Even however Bailey’s “jaw was as rigid as a horseshoe” in response to her goading, the grandmother does not relent (O’Connor 5).

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Instead, she lies, and enlists the shrill assistance of her grandchildren: “There was a solution:-panel in this home,” she reported craftily, not telling the real truth but wishing that she have been, “and the story went that all the loved ones silver was concealed in it when Sherman arrived by way of but it was hardly ever located” (O’Connor five). Having stirred the children’s creativity, the grandmother lies once again – “It can be not significantly from in this article, I know,” the grandmother stated. “It wouldn’t just take more than twenty minutes” (O’Connor 5). The reality is she won’t know.

She has no strategy the place they are. It is not until finally they are hopelessly misplaced on the grime highway that “seemed as if no a single had traveled on it in months” that the grandmother’s “awful imagined” reminds her that the plantation household in problem does not exist in the state of Georgia, but in Tennessee, however she is also whole of pleasure to acknowledge this to her son (O’Connor six) And the wild goose chase that she qualified prospects her loved ones on, yet again, for selfish reasons, leads them to their doomful conference with The Misfit.