You might ask the grammatically-incorrect question “when moon?” if you wanted to know the opportune time to sell your cryptocurrency, before prices go back down. FUD refers to negative stories or other commentary in the media intended to stir fear and anxiety about the future of bitcoin. These stories may be spread by general naysayers, people supporting alternative projects, or individuals wishing to temporarily suppress the price of bitcoin in order to acquire it less expensively. A similar rule of thumb applies to various other kinds of data you may want to measure. The table above also includes a ‘Real Volume’ column, which focuses on the ‘real’ trading volume of a given cryptocurrency on prominent crypto exchanges (i.e., reported trading volume minus potential ‘wash’ trades). While the Messari chart includes only a ‘real’ metric for trading volume, you need to be mindful when using other trading/transaction data sources that may be relying on unreliable or misleading numbers.

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It is used to inform readers that any advice given should not be taken as financial recommendations. Instead, it encourages the readers to do their own research and come to their own conclusions when making decisions related to cryptocurrency investments. NFA is mostly used by crypto influencers and analysts/experts to let followers know that the content they are providing is not investment advice. It’s important to remember that everyone’s financial situation and risk appetite is different, so consider that when making investment decisions. In the crypto space, founding teams often stem from the same company, startup, or college.

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With Silvio Lorusso and Sebastian Schmieg’s project, A Slice of the Pie, we were able to create an ongoing and ever-expanding exhibition. Artists from around the world were able to purchase one or more slices via the work’s dedicated website and fill them with their own artworks. Since the beginning of the exhibition, over 100 named artists have added their names to the initial list of over 150 participants. FUD — whether deliberate or not — can affect the market value of a coin, a company, or a project — and even an entire market. When markets are rising, individuals may give into feelings of FOMO; when markets are cooling, FUD can spread more easily. FUD is a marketing and communications term that stands for ‘fear, uncertainty, and doubt’.

A vaporware project may be promoted for months or even years before being made available to the public. Crypto slang for wrecked, rekt is what happens when a trader experiences severe financial loss due to a bad trade or investment. The related flappening is a term coined by Charlie Lee in 2018 to describe Litecoin surpassing Bitcoin Cash in market capitalisation. Ape or apeing is when someone buys a token or NFT shortly after it launches without previously conducting proper research.

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Cointree is a digital currency exchange, founded in Melbourne in 2013, helping over 100,000 investors access the world of crypto. The term “DYOR” can also act as a disclaimer when crypto traders or experts share their thoughts, recommendation, or research on social media platforms. By adding the phrase, the writer expects you to verify the information on the post, and not to take it as direct investment advice.

  • DYOR was used to remind investors that they are responsible for their own investment decisions.
  • However, even if you are successful in accumulating a plethora of reliable information about a project, it is always preferable to cross-check it with reliable sources.
  • The higher this figure is, the more DeFi-related activity a blockchain sees, with Ethereum currently far ahead of the rest of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, according to DeFiLlama.
  • From there you might want to look up the project on Twitter to see if there have been any recent or significant developments.
  • An expression of hope that a token or NFT project’s value will skyrocket, hence “to the moon”.

We are now witnessing a form of cultural liberation that I have never experienced in my life, but which is the central characteristic of crypto art. Checking social media channels to discover what experts and influencers are saying about your favorite cryptocurrencies is the next step that you should follow. Sats is short for Satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin , named after the elusive creator of the coin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Just like fiat currency, cryptocurrencies can also be divided into smaller units. As such, it’s helpful to think of Sats as you would cents to a dollar.

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Prospective investors must not construe the contents of this website/application as legal, tax, investment, or other advice. The use and development of exit strategies/plans by users of the Shrimpy app are not the responsibility of Shrimpy, its affiliates, or partners. Users are responsible for the creation and execution of their own exit strategies/plans and if they have questions regarding investments in crypto assets, they should consult with a financial professional.

dyor meaning crypto

Cointree is a registered digital currency exchange with AUSTRAC (the Australian Government regulatory and monitoring body for AML/CTF) and a partner of Blockchain Australia. A new report by Forex Suggest, a Forex trading platform, has named Australia the country with the highest level of cryptocurrency interest, with over 1,000 more searches per 100,000 people than second place – Ireland. Are they trying to explain and promote their project organically?

They memorize unnecessary information, never bother to test a process or experiment, fail researching past surface-level information, and overall never grasp the core meaning of a subject. At the end of the day, crypto is all about making money, so it should not come as a surprise that investors are taking advantage of others. But when it comes to a disruptive and highly innovative industry such as blockchain, there is really no other way than to DYOR. In an ideal world, beginners of any subject would have access to an universal handbook that dictates how a sector works and how to participate in it.

However, the token price itself has had a terrible year, dropping approximately 84% since January 1. DYOR is a very important concept to follow in crypto as well as other areas. In crypto, it’s especially important because regulations over crypto remain vague and underdeveloped. Unfortunately, this means that there are a lot more scams than in traditional financial markets. When you DYOR and find a project that’s received this sort of funding, it’s generally not a bad idea to further research the project—along with its native cryptocurrency.

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But nobody’s been around very long, which makes the idea of “researching” your way to prosperity feel more credible. Past performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future performance. The value of crypto assets can increase or decrease, and you could lose all or a substantial amount of your dyor meaning purchase price. When assessing a crypto asset, it’s essential for you to do your research and due diligence to make the best possible judgement, as any purchases shall be your sole responsibility. Weak hands describe someone who sells their cryptocurrency at the first sign of falling prices.

Without holding the private keys, you have effectively given up control of your funds. As a cultural term, it can mean anything from losing badly in a sport or video game to being intoxicated. In bitcoin, it generally refers to loss of funds due to altcoin trading, over-leverage, or other imprudent strategies.

How to; Do Your Own Research (DYOR) in the Crypto Space

It’s a reminder to take control of your own money and in the exciting world of crypto, NFTs and blockchain, it’s really important as markets can move very quickly and it takes time to build your knowledge. It’s viewed as a faux pas in the cryptocurrency community to sell instead of holding on for dear life. The exact form this metric takes can vary from platform to platform, with pure cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum having active addresses and some gaming platforms (e.g., The Sandbox) having active users. A good source of wallet address data is BitInfoCharts, while you may need to explore data online (e.g., via a search engine or the project’s social channels) for specific platforms.

dyor meaning crypto

But in the context of a broad collapse of trust in institutions and the experts who speak for them, it has come to mean something more specific. Earlier this month, the crash of two cryptocurrencies caused a crash felt around the world, as seen here at a crypto exchange in Seoul. In spheres as disparate as medicine and cryptocurrencies, “do your own research,” or DYOR, can quickly shift from rallying cry to scold. By clicking the Get Started button you acknowledge having read the Privacy Notice of where we explain how we use and protect your personal data. ’ It’s used ironically to mock people who are focusing only on a coin’s price. Vaporware refers to a blockchain or software project that is still a concept and does not yet have a working product.

It encourages them to research and understand a cryptocurrency before investing so that they can answer precisely why they are buying that currency and supporting that project. Use websites like the Ledger Coin Price page to get more information about the coin, including links to the website and social media. Review details like the market cap and the total coins in circulation to understand the overall token prospects. Derived from the word “wrecked,” you might say that a cryptocurrency investor got rekt when they made a bad trade, like selling their bitcoin right before the price skyrockets upwards. The Flippening describes a future turning point where bitcoin’s reign as the most valuable cryptocurrency market ends, and is replaced by an altcoin like ethereum. The opposite of diamond hands – a negative term for someone who does not hold onto an NFT or token for long, usually panic selling when its prices drop.

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The spectacular collapse of FTX showed some big crypto businesses had plenty of dark secrets to hide. The labyrinthine world of DeFi can also be intimidating to a newcomer. There is also a tendency to follow the advice of social media experts and influencers or to shadow their investment decisions.

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It is also often used as a kind of disclaimer by some cryptocurrency figures when they post about projects or analysis on social media platforms. The term first became popular during a wave ofICO projects that flooded into the cryptocurrency space between 2016 and 2018. Many investors were left duped or out of pocket by a host of scams entering the market as potential get-rich-quick crowdfunding schemes. The term is also often used as a disclaimer when cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts make public posts or share their market analyses on social media platforms. It refers to a research-based approach to buying cryptocurrency or investing in DeFi projects.

If you’re always getting updates from websites or crypto analysts, be mindful that most websites or analyses are intended as a source of information only, not financial advice. And the accuracy of such information is not always full proof owing to the unpredictability and volatility of cryptocurrency. This is why it is also important to look at the liquidity pool of a project. Liquidity represents the ability of a currency to be bought and sold easily without affecting its price. The community behind a cryptocurrency can provide support for it when there is negative news or an exchange attack. Hence, cryptocurrencies with a strong community tend to be more secure and have greater chances of recovery in case of any attacks.

Instead, Bob will buy someone’s bags and end up with a project that is, in the worst case, not even being actively developed. It takes its meaning from the phrase ‘going to the moon,’ as in, “this crypto is doing to do very well.” This may be a surprising addition to the list in a year in which we suffered a monumental market crash. Also discovered by the study was a series of interesting findings based on Google Trends analysis. It was the top search term in 16 different American states, including Rhode Island, Oregon, and California. Get the latest news and best offers from the crypto community by joining our newsletter.